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Potential Use Of Thermal Imaging In Evaluating Soil Fertility

Determining soil fertility is important for farmers, but proves difficult and time-consuming. Thermal imaging helps farmers determine the condition of the soil they are farming on so that they can seek for improvement. Basic thermal imaging devices could be used to identify different characteristics of soil, such as water composition and livestock, which evaluate soil fertility. To examine the potential benefits of thermal imaging on farming, data were compiled from existing research on thermal imaging and analysis of soil composition in order to create a table with a color scheme as a guideline for analyzing the condition of soil. The results show that thermal imaging can detect water composition and measure the temperature of soil; this can allow farmers to determine the optimum temperature and water composition for organisms that favor fertile soil. The color scheme acts as an easy reference and effective tool for gauging soil characteristics/composition. Therefore, thermal imaging, with its easy use, has enough potential to be utilized widely throughout agriculture to check soil fertility.