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Shortening The Output Path Of A* Algorithm: Omni-Directional Adaptive A*

The problem of path planning on a grid has been widely discussed for applications like robotics and computer games, several path planning algorithms have been developed in the last decades, including A* which is recommended for real time applications. Traditional A* algorithm finds the path on Grid represented as discrete steps on Cartesian coordinates, this will increase the time of execution when applied in robot path planning especially with Omni-directional robots which are able to move in all directions, the time consumed between sending orders makes the difference, and the path can be longer than real shortest paths in the grid. This paper presents a new method based on traditional A* algorithm, in the first stagethe developed algorithm will represent the path found by A* algorithm as polar coordinates instead of Cartesian coordinates, in the second stage Omni-Directional Adaptive A* will shorten the path building on the flexibility of polar representation of the path. The method can be applied on the output of variety of other path planning algorithms, it is a reshaping of the output of traditional path planning algorithms. The experiments in this paper demonstratethe resulted path with the time saved in each case. Keywords- Path Planning, Robotics, A* Algorithm, Obstacle Detection, Shortest Path, Search Algorithm.