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Photocatalytic Oxidation Of Wastewater Contaminated With Phenolic Compounds Usinggraphene/Tio2 Nanocomposite

A Graphene oxide (GO) was prepared using modified Hummer`s method starting from graphite[1]. GO was impregnated on commercial nanoparticles P25 TiO2(GoTi) After that, reduced GOTi was obtained by (a) hydrogen gas at different temperatures or (b) hydrazine hydrate in microwave using a cyclic technique or (c) Solvo thermal reduction. Characterization of all materials used were carried out using bulk and surface techniques e.g. XPS, XRD, Raman Spectroscopy, FTIR, SEM, UV-Vis diffuse reflectance, BET. The photocatalysis behavior of as-prepared nanocomposite were tested towards the phenolic compounds degradation and compared against commercial P25 TiO2 in presence and absence of H2O2. The study revealed that the TiO2 �supported RGO showing much higher performance than P25 TiO2 in presence of H2O2. Figure 1 shows the phenol degradation (20 ppm) in presences of different prepared catalysts.