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Representation of God in the Poetry of Victor Hugo Versus Shahriar

According to Christian/Islamicdoctrines, people are born with some knowledge already implanted in their minds, particularly the idea of God.Poets coming from different countries use this implanted knowledge of God in their poems. So, one of thereligiuos themes found in poetryis God. This study aims to study God�s presence in the poems of Victor Hugo, who can be regarded as one of the prominent figures in Christianity,and Shahriar, who can be regardedas one of the noticeable figures in Islam. The corpus of the current study contains 30 French poems of Victor Hugo and 30 poems of Shahriar that are in Azerbaijani Turkish. A content-based analysis is used to analyze the data. The results show that God is the most frequent religious word used by the both poets.The analysis of God used by them show that they both believe in God but Victor Hugo believes in mankind liberating himself from any religions to attain God on the one hand and Shahriar believes in God as it is seen in Islam on the other hand. The other finding of the study is that both poets have used common Abrahamic religious figures such as Prophet Muhammad (P. B. U. H.)and Prophet Abraham (P. B. U. H.) in their poems. Keywords� Victor Hugo;Shahriar; French literature; Azerbaijani literature; God