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Finite Element Analysis of the Wheelbarrows Tear During the Metal Forming

The objective of this analysis is to highlight one the most encountered problems in the sheet metal forming of mild steel, namely the rupture. Cases of tear sheet, recorded in the framing workshop of a manufacturing company from where was sparked the simulation analysis of the barrow drawing operation on the finite element code Abaqus/cae, which allowed the elaboration of curves determining the stress and strain distribution, and the material behavior at the deep drawing, and to explore critical industrial problem expressed by a deep plastic deformation which leads to the appeared rupture on sheets metal. This work serves to predict the risk of necking and determines areas with high local thinning before a tear. The simulation results can be summarized in a representation of comparison curves of the stresses and strain distribution, in the different areas of the drawn part, respectively the flange, the cup wall and the punch bottom region of the wheelbarrow to locate areas with high local thinning before a tear. Index Terms- Finiteelement, metal forming, strains, stress, tear.