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Analysis By Numerical Simulation Ofthe Tear Sheet Of Wheelbarrows During Deep Drawing

This study is based on cases of the sheet metal rupture in the deep drawn, recorded inworkshop of the wheelbarrows manufacturing company. The process simulations for obtaining the wheelbarrow are conducted on the Abaqus/caefinite element code, in order to visualize the deformation process and the material mechanical behavior at deep drawing. Areas with high local thinning before a tear have been highlighted from the representation of the thickness configuration and the deformation at the end operation. This allows to predicting the areas of necking which caused of rupture at certain drawn of the company, such as the wheelbarrow reported to the laboratory for analysis of material and of the tear of sheet at the end of operation. The results are summarized in the curves of stresses and strains distribution during the deep drawing, the localization of areas at risk of tears and the determination of parameters causing the tearing of sheet. Index Terms- Deep drawing, simulation, strain,stress, tear.