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Effects of Culture and Religion on the Use of ICT in the Saudi Education System

Information Communication and Technology (ICT) is one of the fastest growing and advancing areas in our modern time. It has gained a great deal of attention in recent decades and become a cornerstone for development in the 21st century. In Saudi Arabia, with this tremendous development in the field of ICT, many challenges have emerged, such as the use of the internet in a manner inconsistent with Islamic values and the traditions of Saudi society,since Saudi Arabia is a religiously and socially conservative country with a high cultural homogeneity that is based on Islamic and tribal affiliation, which makes the culture complex and unique. This is particularly challenging for the government, especially since the country is trying to catch up with other developing countries, and, clearly, ICT learning is an important component of this development. This paper aims to investigate the cultural and religious barriers that influence Saudi's adoption of ICT. Index Terms´┐Ż ICT, E-learning, Culture and Religion.