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Natural Geographic Features In Dezful And Susa In The Development Of Sustainable Tourism

Based on these results, Sasa and Dezful for wheat, barley and rice on irrigated land, respectively, in grades 22, 27 and 21 and on dry land (wheat and barley) has been ranked 28 Which indicates the low efficiency of this activity in the province is compared to other provinces. Some of the causes of this problem, as follows: Salinity and poor soil, more than 60 percent of land in the province (mountainous desert lands) for agricultural activities.Low rate of rainfall. High temperature, resulting in a high rate of evaporation of soil moisture. Poor vegetation cover. Low percentage of literate farmers (based on the results of the General Census of Agriculture., 6/55 percent From illiterate farmers in Khuzestan province and education 9/28 percent of them, the elementary school has been) and as a result of insufficient acquaintance with scientific methods activities of agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry. Key words- Natural geographic, sustainable tourism,Susa,Dezful