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Malaysian Traditional Games As Innovation In Teaching Netball, Modifiedfrom Teaching Games For Understanding Method Inphysical Education

The intention of this study was to transfer strategy and tactical knowledge learnt in theMalaysiantraditional games to netball games as aninnovative teaching approach in Physical Education.The study evaluate the effectiveness of the Malaysian traditional games and students� perceptions of their attitude values through playing netball modified from Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) method. Research design was on pre-experimental, the one-group pre-test post-test. Quantitative data was through students� self-assessment and teacher�s assessment based on criterion checklist rating scales from 14 female students of Form 1 at selected Malaysian secondary school.The results of the study showed that the Malaysian traditional gameswere able to increase students� strategy and tactical understanding at the high achievement offence level (28.4%) and defence level (42.7%) in playing netball. The results also identified significant enhancement of students� performanceon each of the strategies and tactics awareness effectively(offensive t=-4.616, sig=.000 r=.931; defensivet=-3.486, sig=.004, r=.975)caused by the exposure from Malaysian traditional games in the applicationto netball games. All of the participated studentswere able to inculcate positive attitude values in playing netball. Thus the study identified the effectiveness of the Malaysian traditional games as an innovative approach on the strategy and tactical awareness through the netball games modified from TGfU method in physical education. The implication on this study is that teachers need to explore new concepts in the teaching and learning of physical education that involves reasoning activities, arguing for Malaysian education�s agenda on enhancing innovation in education. Keywords� Innovation, Malaysian traditional games, Netball, Teaching Games for Understanding, Physical Education.