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The Principals� Supervisory Roles For Quality Education and Effective School Administration of Basic Education Schools in Nigeria

In any organization, supervision is the basis where by goals are attained and used to maintain standard and improve the quality of teaching and learning for the teachers and students. However, many principals or administrators lacks or have inadequate knowledge to effectively manage and supervises their schools which could not be unconnected with poor supervision on the part of the school head. Therefore, this paper examines the principals� supervisory roles for quality education and effective school administration of basic education schools in Nigeria. Literatures were reviewed regarding educational supervision, purpose and principles of educational supervision. The paper further discusses techniques and challenges of supervision as well as principals� supervisory roles for quality education. Based on the findings, the paper recommends that the Ministry of Education should come up with methods of training principals in educational administration and supervision as a prerequisite for their appointment, similarly, the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Teachers Service Board should organize workshop, seminars and conferences for principals from time to time so as to keep them abreast of the modern day supervisory techniques and their expected supervisory functions, this will enable them to be more effective in their supervisory work and to ensure quality basic education in Nigeria, among others. Keywords� Supervisors, School principals, administrators or heads, Supervisory roles, Basic Education Schools.