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Developing Of Navigation System Of Hypermedia Learning Model For Primary Education Level

Developing Navigation in hypermedia learning environtment is one of appealing method for user base-on web, Hypermedia was widely being used for the presentation of information. Hypermedia also being e-learning popular during a few decade in the world. Hypermedia is very interesting, complex and flexible for support students knowledge in education particulary on higher education. Thus, navigation system is very important thing how to make user confidence, does not lose and confuse, not feel disorientation, and finally can get what the purpose of their study using hypermedia system. This study would like to developt navigation system in hypermedia learning environtment using software engineering PHP Programming and My Structured Query Language (MySQL) database as software to develop. The content of hypermedia is circulary blood that put in by national primary school curriculum. Keywords´┐Ż Developing, SDLC, Hypermedia Learning, Navigation System.