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Preparation And Characterization Of Copper And Iron Nanoparticles Embedded In Acrylic Acid/Acrylate Superabsorbent Hydrogel

The superabsorbent hydrogels (SAH) gained a high consideration over the last decades due to their wide applications in the fields of agriculture, medicine, industrial wastewater treatments and tissue engineering. Potassium persulfate induced polymerizationof acrylic acid / acrylate in the presence of iron and copper nanoparticles solutions and N,N'-methylenebisacrylamide(MBA) as a crosslinkingagent have been used to prepare these superabsorbent hydrogels(SAH).Nano Fe and Nano Cu have been prepared by anodization and detached into 0.5 M KOH solution. The prepared copper and iron nanoparticles embedded in Acrylic acid/Acrylate superabsorbent hydrogel have been characterized using TEM, SEM, EDX analysis and conductivity measurements.TEM micrographs revealed the presence of both iron and copper nanoparticles within the SAH matrixes. Size distribution of Fe and Cu nanoparticles embedded in SAH was found to be in the range of 7 �50 nm and 3 - 26 nm, respectively. While the number of copper nanoparticles are less than those of iron nanoparticles. The conductivity has been ameliorated 3.03 mS for SAH , 4.9 mS and 3.64 mS for SAH loaded with Fe and Cu nanoparticles, respectively. Keywords� Acrylate; Acrylic acid; Conductivity;Nanoparticles; Superabsorbent hydrogel;