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Health Risks of Arsenic Exposure Via Shallow Well Water Use In Ron Phi Bul, Southern Thailand

This study investigated arsenic concentration in shallow wells water and evaluated the public health risk level from arsenic exposure via this water consumption in Ron phi bul sub district, Ron phi bul district, Nakorn Sri Thammarat province in southern of Thailand. This area was contaminated with arsenic because of the tin mining since 1987. Until present, there is founding of arsenic contamination in environmental samples taken from this area, moreover the population still use the water from shallows well water continuously. The 165 water samples were collected randomly from shallow wells in 15 villages. The water used behaviours was also studied by questionnaire among 226 household numbers. The results found the shallow wells in 7 villages has exceeded drinking water standard for arsenic (0.01 mg/L). Their average arsenic concentrations were 0.05 0.14 0.02 0.09 0.97 0.09 and 0.04 mg/L. The maximum concentration found in water samples was 1.60 mg/L. The health risk of household who used the shallow well water as drinking water still was acceptable level but the arsenic concentration in some wells exceed the maximal recommendation value for daily life activities. Keywords- Arsenic, Carcinogen, Risk Assessment, Shallow Well Water.