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Nanoparticles Of Abateas Aedes Aegypti Mosquito Larvae Exterminator Using Extraction Ofbrotowali Stem (Tinospora Crispa) Absorbed Bentonit

Controlling dengue hemorrhagic fever vector would be better when the people could choose own choice of method such as spraying synthetics insecticide, using abate synthetics as synthetics larvacide, using fish as biological controller, and using electrical racket as a mechanical controller. Besides, using poisonous plant as alternative controlling method was being encouraged. Brotowali (Tinospora crispa) is a wild plant from a tropical area, which could not be eaten, easy to grow, cheap, safe and environmental friendly. Using extract of brotowali stem (Tinospora crispa) mixed by bentonit soil to be abate concerned with nature. Lethal concentration CL50 towards larvae is 400 mg/100 ml or 4000 ppm for well water and 300 mg/100 lm or 3000 ppm for PAM water. The particle morphology of sonication methods of abate mosquito in general are mesoporous nanoparticles. Keywords- Brotowalistem, Aydes aygypti, Natural, Larvacide, safe.