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Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetland For Treatment Of Wastewater Of Small Communities In Turkey

Considering the wastewater treatment problems in small communities, it has been experienced that classical systems cannot be efficient and work in these places. The number of small communities in Turkey is about 100000 Thus, it can be said that wastewater treatment and infrastructures in small communities still remain as a big necessity in the country. The aim of this study is to inform about Subsurface Flow Wetlands (SFW) which is one of the most common methods of natural treatment and to evaluate the treatment efficiency of the system compared to Turkish Water Quality Standards. An area of 5250 m2 is obtained by the selected parameters and calculations. This area might seem large, however, considering these systems are usually applied in suburban locations, it can be said that it is applicable in Turkey´┐Żs conditions. As for the treatment efficiency, combined with the septic tank, it is known that the effluent quality of the constructed wetland meets the required Turkish Water Quality Standard, even in winter conditions. Keywords- Natural treatment, Subsurface flow, Turkey, Wetlands.