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Biogas Production By Co-Digestion Of Municipal Sewage And Municipal Solid Waste

The mandatory duties of municipal authorities is to give safe disposal of municipal solid and liquid waste apart from the supply of potable water, transportation facilities, street lights, and the basic amenities for the corporation area. The safe and scientific disposal of sewage and municipal solid waste are the major task which needs huge capital investment as well as recurring expenditure. Further monitoring of scientific disposal of municipal waste involves more time consuming as well as skilled staff is needed. To overcome these difficulties in this research an attempt had been made to evolve a new scientific disposal method for both sewage and solid waste as a combined waste disposal method by co-digestion. The outcome of the co-digestion of municipal sewage and municipal solid waste were examined for methane and carbon dioxide proportion. Using the co-digestion method help reduce the emission of green house gases by replacement of fossil fuels, reducing or eliminating the energy footprint of waste treatment plants, reducing methane emission from landfills, displacing industrially produced chemical fertilizers, reducing vehicle movements, reducing electrical grid transportation losses and reducing the usage of LPG for cooking. The composition of biogas is seems to be competitive and can be utilized as cooking gas efficiently. The co-substrate MSW is mixed homogeneously with the substrate of MS in the ratio of 1:4 and the total biogas production is examined for cooking standards. Keywords´┐Ż Co-digestion, Anaerobic digester, Municipal Solid Waste, Municipal Sewage, and biogas.