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How the configuration of actors operating within the field of AI, as well as their positions, activities, and links lead to the evolvement of an AI-based business ecosystem? and, how the emergence of an AI-based ecosystem shapes the construction of a new generation of AI-driven business models? This study investigates this research inquiry exploring the discourse of a set of multiple partners constituting the AI-based ecosystem including global executives, managers, entrepreneurs, experts, along with scholars from a range of influential podcasts and international conferences on the topic of AI in management. Based on this empirical data collection, we unravel a newly emerging ecosystem around AI and its associated technologies, and uncover some of the explanatory processes for the construction of associated AI-driven business models. We propose an empirically grounded framework which delineates the configuration of actors, positions, activities, and links that characterize the evolving AI-business model, and unravel the role of this emerging business ecosystem in shaping the construction of a new generation of AI-driven business models. We rely on the logic of ecosystems as the nature of our data incorporates a set of multiple partners that jointly contribute to the materialization of the ecosystem’s focal value propositions. We contribute to the global debate on the interplay of AI in management, with a particular focus on business ecosystems and associated business models. Keywords - Artificial Intelligence; AI-Powered; Business Ecosystems; Business Models.