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The Understanding Students of Primary School Teacher Education Department (PSTED) Regarding Ecopedagogy As A Learning Approach

Environmental degradation has consequences for human existence. Education plays a pivotal role in reshaping human conduct in relation to ecological sustainability. This study focuses on Ecopedagogy, an approach that centers on human engagement with nature to promote environmental harmony. The research aims to explore the understanding of Ecopedagogy as a learning approach within the Primary School Teacher Education Department (PSTED). Employing a quantitative descriptive research design, 56 PSTED students enrolled in environmental education courses participated in the study by completing questionnaires. The Likert Scale, ranging from 1 to 5, was utilized to assess student responses. Analysis involved categorizing average responses to denote levels of student understanding. Qualitative data transformation followed a predefined table of understanding categories with a 20% interval range. Results indicate that 58.93% of students "agree" that the Ecopedagogy approach integrates ecological understanding into the learning process. Student understanding rates for Ecopedagogy concept aspects, principles, and learning practices stand at 77.98%, 75.45%, and 65.18%, respectively. Consequently, future teachers can leverage their understanding to create meaningful activities and introduce a new perspective in the learning process, nurturing an environmentally conscious generation responsible for the global future. Keywords - Ecopedagogy, Student Understanding, Learning Approach, Eco pedagogical Approach.