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Continuing Education and Education-Job Mismatch in Europe

In Europe, education-job mismatch has been continuously increasing during the last two decades. The share of employees with at least upper secondary education who work below their level of educational attainment, has increased more than 40% between 2000 and 2019. Lifelong learning could be a potential measure for reducing the extent of this mismatch by upgrading employees’ knowledge, skills, and competencies. With regard to that, the current paper focuses on the link between continuing education of adults and overeducation. The study uses panel data on EU-27 (2020 onwards) over the period 2010-2019 for workers having completed upper secondary education (ISCED 3-4) or tertiary education (ISCED 5-8). The outcome implies that there is a negative link between the participation in continuing education and training and the degree of mismatch. This is more strongly expressed for upper secondary education and also for non-formal training. The empirical findings are in compliance with the explanations of the training investments given by the human capital theory. Keywords - Continuing Education And Training, Higher Education, Overeducation, Qualification Mismatch, Upper Secondary Education