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Primary Research in The Case of Student Knowledge on Renewable Energy and Environmental Awareness

The fundamental pillars of sustainability, the significance of environmental protection, the emphasis on environmentally conscious lifestyles, the problems caused by climate change, and the effective utilization of renewable energy sources are all topics that have been of concern to almost everyone to some extent in recent years. For the future of humanity, it is essential to consider to what extent the younger generations are engaging with the practical aspects and application of these topics. In order to achieve this, it is necessary for them to acquire some more detailed theoretical knowledge beforehand. The aim of this research is to examine how the younger generation, which is most affected from the perspective of the future, actually relates to the problems posed by climate change threatening the entire humanity, and whether they contribute to its mitigation, and if so, how? To answer this question, a primary research questionnaire consisting of 39 questions was prepared, focusing on the environmentally conscious lifestyle and attitudes towards environmental protection of primary and secondary school students as well as university students living or studying in the Gyöngyös microregion. The research can be considered representative as all educational institutions in the microregion were surveyed. A total of 1572 students participated in the research. Statistical correlation analyses were conducted to verify the hypothesis related to the research – (H) Environmental awareness strengthens in the correlation with higher levels of education. Regarding the obtained results, it can be concluded that there is a correlation between the age of the students and when they first learned about environmentally conscious lifestyles. The statistical correlations also confirmed that it does matter what size of classes the students are studying about the importance of environmental protection. Keywords: Environmental Awareness, Renewable Energy, Primary School Students, Secondary School Students, University Students