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Multidisciplinary Engineering Final Year Project: Approaches and Reflections

In this paper, the implementation and reflections of an industrial-oriented multidisciplinary engineering final year project were investigated. The proposed design project belongs to the final year project, which is offered for the mechanical, electrical and electronics and robotics engineering disciplines at 4th year level. In this project, the students were asked to undertake a multidisciplinary engineering design project to fulfill the requirements specified by the industrial client and approved by the academic supervisor. The projects involve design, fabrication and testing of autonomous industrial robots and drones. This research aimed to examine the influence of the engineering multidisciplinary project in achieving several learning outcomes throughout conducting surveys among the students to measure their responses and collecting the qualitative reflections of the academic and industrial supervisors. The obtained results from the conducted surveys showed that this project contributed to the personal gain of knowledge compared to other projectswhere the multidisciplinary feature was not incorporated. In addition, the results demonstrated the importance of this project in empowering the students to provide feasible technical solutions to emerging industrial problems, attaining the learning from experience and developing teamwork and presentation skills as well asenhancing students’ employability. Keywords - Engineering Design Project, Multidisciplinary, Industrial