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Cultivating Renewable Energy Resources in Process and Food Engineering Education in Malaysia

The world energy needs has become a niche area for every producer and consumer to strive and rethinking of stabilized and environmental friendly resources. The Renewable Energy Resources (RER) which is hoped to replace Fossil Fuel generation has proven the many advantages and free from GHG emissions related to global warming effects. Malaysia, with abundance of RER is likely and grossly under-utilized with traditional management approach, particularly in regard to biomass, hydropower and solar resources. Furthermore, the drastic growth in both population and economy has called for the need to explore alternative energy sources to support her population and commercial energy demand. In line with the desperate need for sustainable and greener energy resources, food education thru Universities and higher institution has the key role in educating future employees with the technical knowhow in cultivating RER especially in food processing and electricity requirements. This study shares some perspective on applying the RER in Process and Food Engineering Education in Malaysia with emphasise on the Biomass from agriculture resources and Solar Energy for energy generation and food processing machineries. Special topic covering RER technologies as a naturally green energy is proposed to be incorporated in existing syllabus with highlights in the agriculture food processing applications. Keywords- Renewable Energy Resources, Processing Machineries, Engineering Education, Biomass, Solar Energy