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Abstract - Generally, technologies are limiting within the cities and limited clusters. But India’s economic backbone is agriculture and still, there is large scope to deploy technology to address the contemporary issues and enhance efficiency. Most importantly, the potentials of the technologies are not yet fully harnessed to provide farmer-centric solutions for informed decision making in addressing the challenges. Recently, ICT (Information and Communications Technology) tools are being increasingly deployed to promote ‘Farmer Friendly Agriculture or smart agriculture’. The current ICT based interventions are in the form of mobile applications or virtual training. But the latest developments in Technology streams such as IoT (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Mechanization of farm implements, Aerial Drones, Big Data Analysis, Remote Sensing, Mobile Application, Digital services (Online product marketing & websites for FPO’s) provide most efficient pathways to improve production efficiency and add value to the existing ones. While developing solutions one has to understand the challenges in the Indian agriculture system to promote Digital Agriculture. Our Research proposal is to implement Smart Farming Automation(SFA)technique with the concept of Neural Networking applicable to Indian farming. SFA method will ease the agriculture monitoring via phone/monitor, maintaining a controlled environment by collecting real time data from field including soil pH, atmospheric temperature, relative humidity, alert for controlled water irrigation and early detection of crop infections. This helps to reduce labor and increase production. In addition to this Farmers Selling Point app will be designed to help young and next-gen farmers for right selection of crops, Fertilizers according to their soil quality, water and other resources availability. Moreover, it keeps them update to date with the arrival of new agri- techniques. Keywords - Agriculture, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, ICT, Smart Farming