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Abstract - This study is part of International Conference on Language, Literature and Culture that was carried out in seven (7) international and national schools in three East African countries. The aim was to interact with teachers to provide their voice on the teaching approaches, strategies, methodologies, skills and techniques of handling language and literature as well as the impact of culture. The study also addresses the challenges, purposes and implications related to the teaching and learning of literature and language. The study went on to analyse their perceptions of successful learning and to undertake participatory research not only to find evidence of successful language and literature learning but also to encourage greatness about their class responsibility and events. This study went on to identify the approaches employed by teachers in contemporary teaching of language, literature and culture to children in both upper primary and lower schools around the selected schools in three East African counties. The survey study was carried out basing on the methodologies of an interview research instrument that was effective by the interview method conducted through an online snowball sampling technique and one on one interaction. Still I used the classroom observations in the Ugandan schools and my own school where I work to ensure reliability and validity of the data collected online from the schools in other countries. Preliminary findings on the approaches revealed that the incorporation of literary audio-visual teaching materials and elements in the classroom was minimal but sounds the best technique of effectively handling language and literature in primary schools. . Teachers lacked creativity and fully utilizing their professionalism to embrace contemporary teaching approaches. Keywords - Teaching Approaches, Strategies, Methods, Techniques and Skills in Teaching, Challenges, Contemporary Learning, Language, Literature and Culture