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The Supervisory Practices of Heads of Department and Their Impact on Teaching and Learning in Senior High Schools

The study was based on the supervisory practices of Heads of Departments and the challenges they face as well as the impact of these practices on teaching and learning at Osei Kyeretwie Senior High School in the Kumasi District of the Ashanti Region. It was specifically aimed at examining the professional competence of heads of departments in supervision and monitoring in the school. All the eight Heads of Departments in the school as well as 20 other teachers were sampled for the study in order to retrieve detailed and comprehensive data for analysis. The sampling was purposively done to ensure that the right information from the practitioners on the field would be obtained. The data were collected through questionnaire and the design adopted was the qualitative research method. The convenient sampling technique was used to select OKESS because, the sample was readily available. The study revealedthat HODs in the School do not have enough professional training in the art of supervision, monitoring and evaluation to discharge their duties successfully. The only criterion for appointing them was based on hard work, seniority and at times coercive measures. Various factors that militate against successful inspection and supervision were identified in three levels: Government, Teachers, Community and Society. Based on the findings of the study, it is recommended that an interim supervision programme be put in place to orient HODs and teachers before taking up the appointment. Also, the Metro Director of Education and the Ministry of Education should meet the challenges of HOD. Keywords - Supervision, Effective Teaching & Learning, Monitoring & Evaluation.