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Utilizing Plastic Waste as a Resource for Fertilizer Production

Abstract - At present, plastic waste accumulation has been observed as one of the most alarming environmental challenges, affecting all forms of life, Overproduction of plastic materials is primarily caused by an increase in the human population as well as unprecedented growth in the world economy accompanied by increased global productivity. Under this threat, the development of safe and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional disposal methods, such as the conversion of plastic waste materials into fertilizers such as nitrogen fertilizers, is of utmost importance. This critical review thoroughly summarises the various types of daily used plastics, their types, properties, ways of accumulation, and their effect on the environment and human health, waste treatment, waste conversion into fertilizers through various synthetic schemes, and their utilization in various fields, particularly agriculture, as well as future perspectives. The primary goal of this evaluation is to assist the intended audience in designing their futuristic study on this preferred topic by providing information about previous work.