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E-Learning's Effect on Scientific Literacy: An Analysis of Science Teachers' Perceptions

During the Covid-19 pandemic, e-Learning and other technological applications have become commonplace. However, this application is only a duty during a pandemic without additional skills that need to be developed. It was uncommon to teach scientific literacy through e-Learning during the post-pandemic period. This research aims to analyze science teacher perceptions to implementation, effect, and challenges e-Learning on scientific literacy. The study was conducted on 50 science subject teachers in East Java Province with random sampling. Data retrieval technique using an open-ended questionnaire on a Google Form. The technique of data analysis using qualitative descriptive. The results of this study that 42 teachers in East Java have implemented e-Learning for science learning and get positive responses from student; e-Learning has a positive effect on scientific literacy because students more easily remember the material and apply it in the real life; and the challenges of implementations are technologically literate human resources as well as adequate facilities and infrastructure are urgently needed. Based on the research, e-Learning is recommended and essential to implement systematically and continually, especially in scientific literacy. However, in its implementation, effecte-Learning has challenges and barriers. Nevertheless, the results of this study can be used as a consideration in using e-Learning, which can train scientific literacy effectively. Keywords - E-Learning, Scientific Literacy, Science Teacher