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Determination of Traffic Safety with Methods Alternative to Traditional Methods

Nanotechnology is the capacity of measure, perceive, operate, and make nanometer scale materials, the size of molecules and atoms. Nanotechnology, is involved in very practical and scientific applications, including agriculture, health, computer science electronic devices, etc. At the same time, computers play a basic role analyzing and simulating in the features of nanoscience. recently the quantum mechanics is use to build computers operating with radical difference. The form of quantum computers will contain a radical change in the software and hardware that we now know but will let one to perform calculations that are unconceivable to days. One of the main fragments in design of diverse circuits is memory, accordingly the optimization and design of random-access memory (RAM) cells have become one of the largest notable study area in equipment of Quantum-dot Cellular Automata (QCA). In this study, attempted to prepare a systematic review of recent tendency’s in the interaction between nanotechnology and computer science by highlighting two equal focus, the first focus contains the nanotechnology use in enhancing computer devices and systems, and the other one contains the computer science role in nanotechnology promoting. Keywords - Computer Science, Nanotechnology, Nanotubes, Memory, Quantum.