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Species Diversity Of Lepidoptera In Bega Watershed, Prosperidad, Agusan Del Sur, Philippines

Lepidopterais a large order of insects that includes moths and butterflies. The geographic profile of the Philippines has resulted in high lepidopteran diversity and a high level of endemism. This study aimed to determine the species diversity of Lepidoptera in Bega Watershed, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur. A survey was conducted in three sites on May 8-14, 2014 usingthe sweep netting method. Sixty-nine individuals from 17 species consistingof 13 species of butterflies and four species of moths under eight families and 16 genera were recorded. Highest species diversity was documented in Site 1 which is located near waterfalls. This site had little to moderate disturbance. The most abundant butterfly was found to be Anthene sp. ,whichwas found widespread throughout all three sampling sites. Results indicate that lepidopterans have a marked preferenceto habitats which are relatively undisturbed. Keywords- butterflies, diversity, habitats, moths, sweep netting.