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Condition and Capability of Village Violence Against Women (VAW) Desk

Violence Against Women (VAW) is a persistent social concern. In response, laws were enacted which mandate the creation of Barangay (village) VAW Desk. However, despite the mandate, several barangays have not yet set-up a facility or room to cater the needs and provide services for VAW victims. Through descriptive-survey method, the study aimed to assess the condition of village VAW Desks and the capability of VAW officers. The study involved 59 barangays and 59 VAW Desk Officers in Baguio City, Philippines. Findings showed that all barangays have established a VAW Desk and have appointed a VAW officer, however, not entirely observes the prescribed environment, furniture, equipment, monitoring tools, references and promotional materials, supplies, personal amenities, and transportation utilities under Barangay VAW Desk Handbook. Nonetheless, the level of awareness of VAW officers on VAW Desk function and on the protocol in handling VAW cases reported by the victims themselves and as reported by a community member is Fully Aware. Barangay is the nearest and the most accessible unit that can provide immediate action and services for victims of VAW. Thus, each barangay must enhance its preventive and response mechanism through calibration of the different Village VAW Desks. Keywords - Violence Against Women, VAW Desk.