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Accurate Additively Manufactured PETG Molds for the Composite Manufacturing

For the manufacturing of composite parts, metal molds are widely used which incur huge cost and long lead time of production. In this research, additively manufactured PETG molds are proposed for the manufacturing of composite parts. The research article presents a technique to study the deviation in the dimensions of additively manufactured PETG mold due to the shrinkage. Three molds of the PETG material are manufactured, which dimensions are measured using the digital vernier caliper. The deviation in the measured and CAD model dimensions are calculated. Shrinkage allowance is determined and incorporated in the CAD model. The new mold is printed, which have reduced shrinkage in the mold. Hence the research can be applied for the manufacturing of composite materials in the industry, especially to produce customized composite parts with low cost. Keyword - 3D printer, 3D Scanner, Composite Mold, Shrinkage, Dimensional Accuracy