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Resilient Learning Collective Knowledge Building Process

The purpose of this study is to explore how collective knowledge building process in EU externally funded security Innovation Action (IA) & Coordination and Support Action (CSA) projects can be understood and realized through the learning and research communities. The multiple case study design is used as research setting which makes a continuum from understanding a single case to the differences and similarities between cases, here it is used for furthering of theories, learning, training, development of educational designs for both communities of practice and higher education. In this study, aspects of learning, training, and education are analyzed towards collective knowledge, competence, and capability building in the EU critical infrastructure projects. The theoretical framework and community of learning and research provides an animated way to investigate how knowledge is created and shared within a project consortium, across different consortiums and stakeholders. The engagement to different phases and roles of the work undertaken by the project consortium can help to understand how the collaboration enables knowledge creation and transfers, as well as ambition and identity expansion as the project evolves. As a whole, the reflection with community of learning and research theoretical framework can provide insights to the collective knowledge creation processes in cross-border and cross-sectoral domains. It can provide a meaningful way to explore how the knowledge is emerged through a practice and science in project consortiums and stakeholders side before, during, and after the projects. Keywords - Action Competence, Continuity Management, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Critical Infrastructure Resilience, Proactivity, Resilience, Resilient Learning.