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Exploring and Developing Items Measuring Online Learning Behaviour Using The Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology2 (UTAUT2)

Students’ inabilityto deal with the complexities of technology during the teaching and learning process could have harmed students' online learning. This paper examined the effects of technostress, and teaching-related aspects on undergraduates’ online learning behaviour. The sample for this study was made up of 212 students from the UniversitiTeknologi MARA Pahang Branch. Two new constructs-technostress and teaching related aspects-were introduced, in addition to the existing Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology2 (UTAUT2). This study aims to create a valid and reliable survey instrument to measure the influential factors that influence online learning behavior. KMO and Bartlett's Test were analyzed using AMOS 27.0. The result highlights that Bartlett’s Test of Sphericity was highly significant (sig. 000) and KMO=0.932 indicated excellent sampling adequacy. All the eight components had values of Cronbach's alpha that were above 0.7. All 50 items' Cronbach's alpha values were above the 0.7 thresholds. The instrument consistency and reliability were established by the development scale and validation. The outcome of the study is intended to contribute significantly to UTAUT2 measurement, particularly in the context of education. Keywords - Online learning, Teaching-related aspects, Technostress, UTAUT2.