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Implementation Model for A Supply Chain Sustainability Innovation Using AHP Approach

One of the most active and prolific research fields in decision management over the past 30 years is sustainability in the supply chain. The quantity of primary and secondary research publications continues to rise each year as a result of the application of new topics such as creative modelling, theoretical approaches, and transdisciplinary viewpoints. Few research on sustainable supply chain management (SSCM) offer in-depth insights into how sustainable innovation management is applied in SSCM. Studies on SSCM have underlined the importance of sustainable innovation in achieving sustainability. This study aims to pinpoint and examine the necessary criteria for innovation in sustainable supply chain management. In order to explore sustainable supply chains, this research provides a framework for sustainable innovation criteria in Indian manufacturing industries. We evaluate and rank the sustainable innovation management criteria for a sample of five Indian manufacturing enterprises using the multi-criteria decision-making model Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). The most important sub-criteria for sustainable development, according to the managers who responded, are "Availability of technical expertise and investment in R&D for green practises." The research findings will assist business executives, professionals, and decision-makers in improving the sustainability of manufacturing supply chains and further advancing sustainable development in the corporate and supply chain sectors. Keywords - Supply Chain Sustainability; Manufacturing Industry; AHP