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Postcolonial Immigrants Identity Crisis in Selected Contemporary Novel

The cardinal objective of this research is to examine identity issues among immigrants as depicted in contemporary novel. It utilizes the most recent literary masterpieces such as "Exit West" by Mohsin Hamid, "Refuge" by Dina Nayeri, and "Americanah" by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The analysis is in conjunction with the contentions of Edward Said and HomiBhabha, preeminent theorists who argued that immigrant and refugee identity issues in their theoretic publications and applied them to literature and politics. Specific Objectives of this paper are to delve into the nature of identity crisis as portrayed in literature, to understand how multiculturalism triggers identity crises, and to understand the perspectives of individuals on identity crises and their coping mechanisms. The methodology conducted in this research will analyze how Dina Nayeri, Chimam and a NgoziAdichie, and Mohsin Hamid portray identity crises in the contemporary world and explore their parallelism to the real world. The paper will establish analyzing the characters' cultural backgrounds and contrast them to the dominant cultures of host countries. It will also analyze the errors in cognitive processing of the cultures as the authors articulate them to understand the core causes of cognitive dissonance. Understanding how the conflict affects individual behavior and comparing it to reality will be part of the research. Keywords - Postcolonialism, Identity, Immigration, Contemporary Novel.