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The Participative Internal Supervision Model to Enhance Learning Management in the 21st Century for Schools under Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

The purpose of this research was to develop the participative internal supervision model to enhance learning management in the 21st century for schools under Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. The group of informants was the directors of schools under Bangkok Metropolitan Administration for the academic year 2022, divided by school size: 3 people in small size schools, 3 people in medium size schools, 3 people in large size schools, 3 people, a total of 9 people. It was found that integrated learning management had the following approaches: 1) Integrated learning management could be classified according to the number of teachers, consisting of single-teacher integration, dual-teacher integration, and team integration; 2) Integrated learning management classified by subject groups, consisting of integration within subject groups, integration between subject groups; 3) Integrated learning management is classified by type of integration, consisting of interdisciplinary integration and multidisciplinary integration. Learning in the 21st century is essential for teachers to create hands-on learning for students to learn about real-world situations in the classroom context, using technology or learning materials to help in the learning of the learners, the design of teaching and learning to be diverse such as individual, group and team learning; Supporting and encouraging learners to learn through a variety of resources and learning channels both in the classroom and online learning and providing learning connections both inside and outside the local and international learning classrooms. Keywords - Participative Internal Supervision Model, Learning Management, 21st Century