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The Participatory Academic Administration Model to Enhance Learning Management in the New Era for Schools under the Chanthaburi Trat Secondary Educational Service Area Office

According to the study for developing and teaching and learning to achieve efficiency and effectiveness through an in-depth interview with eight experts and affirming the draft participatory academic administration model to enhance learning management in the new era for schools under the Chanthaburi Trat Secondary Educational Service Area Office, policies on local educational management are formulated to be consistent with the national educational management system in an efficient and effective manner, with unity of policies, variety in practices, preparedness in educational management, and communities are promoted to participate in local educational management. Therefore, administrators should allow employees to participate in the process of change or transformation and design new innovative media for solving problems caused by school administration. Statutes in the organization should be developed and improved for sharing opinions, listening to changes and accepting new things in accordance with rules and regulations to ensure school administration is successful with maximum benefits to students. Keywords - Academic Administration Model, Education, Learning Management, School