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An Academic Administration Model for the basic Schools under a Jurisdiction of the Bangkok Secondary Educational Service Area Office 2

The objective of this research was to construct an academic administration model of basic education institutions under the Bangkok Secondary Educational Service Area Office 2. Data collection by interviewing 5 experts found that Education for All is education management that provides all people of all ages from early childhood, school age, working age, and the elderly to have the opportunity for education and lifelong learning. Inclusive Education is education for all target groups of learners, whether average learners or underprivileged groups who are complicated and lack opportunities due to economic and social conditions. All for Education is a quality and effective education for all citizens. It is a mission that requires the participation of all sectors of society. The government must improve the quality and standards of education at all levels and in all forms in line with economic and social changes. It must provide a national education plan, and a national education development law to develop the quality of teachers and educational personnel to keep pace with the changes in the global society. Keywords - Academic Administration Model, Education, Management