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Importance of Sports Psychology for Team Performance in Sports and Games

It has long been acknowledged that psychological skills are critical for players at the elite level. Players with the requisite “mental toughness” are more likely to be successful. In the past, it was assumed that these skills were genetically based or acquired early in life. Now, it is commonly accepted that players and coaches are capable of learning a broad range of psychological skills that can play a critical role in learning and in performance. Increasing stress in competitions, bring into pessimistic effects for athletic performances. Which retort with both physical and mental abilities? To conquer these situations for the athlete, coaches have shown keen interest in the field of sport psychology; particularly in the area of competitive anxiety. The importance of a sports psychology as an integral member of the coaching and health care teams is widely recognized. Sports psychologists can teach skills to help athletes enhance their learning process and motor skills. As well as, cope with competitive pressures. The present study was carried out to find, the significance of sports psychology to support team performance for the present study, 100 players were selected from Department of Physical Education, Andhra University region of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. The effective sample consisted of 100 players, age ranges from 18 to 23 years (Volleyball, Basketball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho and Cricket players). Where sport’s counseling was give to 50 players, and another 50 players served as control. Lee personal stress source inventory and Kane comprehensive anxiety test were used for the study. The results related to the hypothesis were evaluated and which revealed that significantly higher stress. As well as anxiety level was found in those players, who did not counsel prior to sport activity in comparison to counseled players. The conclusion, there is an essential need of sports psychology in team sports performances, personality profiling, assessing strengths and weaknesses. Now-a-days, all the teams are using the services of sports psychologist to enhance their performance. Keywords - Stress, Anxiety, Sports Counseling\