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Defending Africanisation of Knowledge Processes in The African University: towards a Liberated Epistemology

In this concept paper, we focus on the disputed discourse of a fitting curriculum knowledge base for university education in Africa. Education in universities is assumed to revolve, to a large extent, around knowledge enterprise and the curriculum is assigned an active role in enhancing social and economic development. African universities on have not been spared from the remnants of irrelevance left behind by colonialism. Regrettably, governments in Africa have set up universities that have abandoned the project of dispensing new directions for the genuine emancipation and liberation of the African continent. We give special attention to the epistemological emancipation of university education from the hegemony of western knowledge systems as the central instrument for an authentically African knowledge processes. It is our case that such an appropriate knowledge system will churn out citizens capable of propelling socio-economic development in this continually- revolving global environment, in which Africa and other developing continents are locked. Our puzzle of an epistemological nature is: how should the knowledge acquisition process enlighten worthwhile dispositions and qualities that products of African universities should exhibit? Conversely, is Africanisation of knowledge in higher education the answer to the socio-economic development challenges afflicting Africa in this era of the much celebrated neo-liberal and globalisation discourse? We theorise that the university in Africa should be the primary site for the production and distribution of new knowledge in the context of the African experience, alongside the global experience. We make a clarion call for an epistemological break with respect to university teaching, learning, researching and sharing of knowledge within African settings to rectify, the largely constrained conditions and dislodged location. Keywords - Hegemony, Emancipation Globalization, Transformation, Postcolonial, Indigenous, Knowledge, Euro-Centrism, African.