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The Change Direction of Local Actors in the Globalization Process

It is known that the dizzying development of mass communication technologies has transformed the peoples of the world in to a global family. When it comes to globalization, it is a fact that the powerful actors ruthlesslys wallow the local ones, and the discourses that everything local is erased hold a larger place in theme mories; how ever, the erosion of local elements should not be considered as an absolut enegative situation. Because this process also means that local actors adopt an internationalid entity. In this context, all local actors, from local businesse soperating in different sectors to primitive cultural groups is olated from the world, have gained a world wide advertising and promotion opportunity with globalization. From this point of view, it can be said that the fact that the local actors has the opportunity to promote, share and cooperate on a global scale is more meaning ful than the fact that the global ones have become a more dominant power in the world. Today, an exotic fruit produced in a village far from the city in any country in the world can be promoted and exported to the whole world, or many local newspapers that no body know sexcept for a small number of peopleliving in the city or town where they were published can be read all over the world. Concepts such as “local business”, “local newspaper”, and “local television channel” are no longer valid. There seems to be little place for the concept of “local” in the world, thanks to globalization. It should be added that the globalization of the local actors also includes the meaning of transferring some features from the global ones and evolving to wards them. This study was carried out with the literature review method and aims to she dlight on the direction of change of localactors in the globalization process. Keywords - Globalization, Localization, Global Actors, Localactors, İnformation Technology,Communication