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Digital Socialization: Exploring The Effects of Technology on Sociolinguistics

Contemporary research has considered how language and society might be interrelated based on recently available data and new statistical techniques. In the era of technology, this paper describes the dual effect of people on technology and vice versa. Furthermore, it discusses how this evolution reflects social reactions. This paper discusses how Technologically Mediated Discourse (TMD) affects and is affected by people, either as individuals or in groups, and how this linguistic evolution reflects social reactions. While linguistic studies of TMD tend to lose validity due to the rapid changes that make it difficult to keep up with it (Crystal, 2009), it is crucial to continuously documentthese changes in order to provide a timeline of the use of TMD over the years. TMD has been found to be a helpful means that reflects individuals’ novel ways of emerging in communities, negotiating their identities, and presenting themselves in a free space regardless of time and geographical boundaries. Furthermore, researchers find the Internet to be a productive linguistic source that enables them to study and track sociolinguistic changes on a wide scale. Finally, TMD has transformed the traditional structures and hence it has significant sociolinguistic effects on individuals and societies. Keywords - Code-Switching, Online Interaction, Saudi Bilinguals, Sociolinguistics,Translanguaging.