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Hindustani Music and Urdu Ghazal an Interrelationship Study

Music has a distinctive place in every culture and tradition. Indian music is a blend of varied cultures, languages, traditions and festivals. Hindustani Music can be categorically defined as classical, semi classical and light music. Classicalmusic is bounded by specific rules. It includes Khyal, dhrupada, tarana, dhamaar, chaturanga etc.Thumri, Dadra, Bhjan, Shabad, Qawali, Geet, Ghazal etc. are the ingredients of Semi classical music. Ghazal is the cherished form of Urdu poetry. Which is appreciated and relished by many disciplines of literature. Urdu Ghazal has gained a magical response. It is the genre of lyrical poem, it is generally short and graceful in form. Ghazal got its structure and shape along with its identity in Iran when it became popular amongst the Persian poets. Ghazal mainly is of seven types. Ghazal carries minimum five couplets and maximum up to twelve but couplets can exceed more in number also. The ghazal with couplets of small Behr and long Beher, Ghazal - e - Tasalsul, Ghazal-e-Mukamal, Ghazal-e-bemaqta , Ghazal-e-bamaqta, Ghazal-e-jdeed, Classical Ghazal are the types of Ghazal. The main objectives of the study is to emphasize the role of Hindostani music in elevation and popularisation of Urdu Ghazal. Music has provided wings to bestow the best Urdu Ghazal of prominent poets to the masses, which could have remaine cage din Books only. Keywords - Music , Ghazal, Urdu, poetry, literature.