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Integration of Language and Sport for Skill Development

Learning to play and learning to communicate in a language are different skills that can be acquired together with an integrated curriculum approach. This paper examines and aims to establish the possibility of using sport optimally to improve and monitor both sports and communication skills. The study is based on the hypotheses that communication skills can be developed, monitored and assessed with the help of physical activities and that interdisciplinary learning can be achieved in classrooms through physical activities; and that students' physical and communication skills can be successfully monitored and assessed through a systematic and integrated curriculum planning and implementation approach. The research methodology is based on observation and case study on focus groups. The significance and uniqueness of the study reveals the possibility of developing children's communication and related skills through sports; and bringing together teachers from different subjects to provide integrated instruction through physical activity and movement. In addition, this research will contribute to the teaching and learning process that incorporates physical activity to reduce boredom and enhance learning among all age groups. Keywords - Sports Physical activities Language Integration Skill Development.