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Application of Business Intelligence (BI) Tools For Education Industry in India Need of the Hour

In India right from ancient time�s education evolution is a continuously happening process. This has great history in fields such as Agriculture, Medicine, Arithmetic, Linguistics and many more. As it is happening in other fields, it has started growing as industry in India. This industry is facing various challenges such as decreasing quality of input, economic as well demographic diversity etc. Applying combinations of BI tools has become essential to face these challenges. The BI tools such as Data Management, Data Mining using AI (artificial intelligence) tools, Report Management, Score Cards, Visualization tools and presentation usage will not only help in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of this industry but also help in generating revenue for development. This is an attempt to analyze historical evolution in these tools in three main categories Primary education, Higher Education and IT education. This is based on the successful expert�s knowledge sharing mechanism using various available tools. Keywords� Data Mining, Gurukul, Artificial Intelligence.