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Water Resources and Environmental Pollutants and Their Impacts on Fecundity Health of Youths

The study examined the types and sources of pollutants found in surface water resources and the environment and their impacts on fecundity health of youth. Survey research design was adopted through interview and collection of data from secondary sources. It was discovered that the common pollutants of water resources and the environment in the area are pesticide, herbicide, lead, arsenic and EDC released into surface water resources, air, land and ecosystems. They cause problems of infertility, cancer, miscarriage, poor pregnancy outcomes, and early puberty in youths. Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC) interfere with the normal activity of natural hormones which maintains homeostasis and alters the regulation of gene expression. Enlightenment campaigns, public and environmental health education, legislation on waste disposal and selective beauty care products are recommended to manage and control the impacts of these pollutants on the fecundity health of youths. Keywords´┐Ż Environment, Pollutants, Water resources, Health impacts, Fecundity, Youths.