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An Agent Based Modeling Approach For Predicting Wide Spread Adoption of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles in Ontario

The objective of this paper is to predict the market penetration rate of Plug in Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) in Ontario in the future using an agent based approach. An agent based model was created to conduct the study and simulate different scenarios on NetLogo. Different factors were chosen and analyzed, based on their interaction with each other. The influencers on the agents, the consumers, are the vehicle manufacturers, the government and fuel prices. Historical data was obtained to define the attributes in the model and to make the results more realistic for Ontario. Different cases were studied to determine the sensitivity of the model to changing attributes. The objective of this paper is to present preliminary results on the base case (current scenario). Index Terms´┐Ż Agent based simulation, NetLogo, plug-in hybrid, market penetration, socio-economic impact, Plug in Electric vehicles (PHEVs).