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Nutrient Removal Efficiency Of Eicchornia Crassipes In Different Wastewater Types

Present study was carried out to investigate the nutrient removal efficiency of Eichhornia crassipes from different wastewater types. Wastewater culture study was carried out with four different sources of wastewater i.e. Domestic, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, and Industrial. Preliminary physiochemical analysis were indicates high nutrient status of wastewater bodies, which favours high biomass productivity of Eicchornia crassipes. During the course of study, Sulphate, Phosphate and Total Nitrogen showed significant reduction. Agriculture wastewater represents best suitable medium for the growth of Eichhornia crassipes among different wastewater types. Keywords: Eichhornia crassipes, Wastewater, Sulphate, Phosphate and Total-Nitrogen.