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Intelligent Systems for Waste Water Treatment in the Sultanate of Oman - A Study

Water covers about 75% of the Earth’s surface, but unfortunately only a very small percentage (about 0.3%) is usable by humans. Due to many anthropogenic sources such as industrial effluents, agriculture waste and household waste, many of these water resources are increasingly becoming polluted. So, the need for efficient treatment of wastewater has become the need of the hour. To meet the required water quality standards, Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTPs) must be well-organized and controlled. If not properly handled, it can have serious consequences for water, the environment, and human health. This paper conducts a study in the Sultanate of Oman regarding the conventional waste water treatment processes, a review of existing systems and the incorporation of methods using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the field of waste water treatment. Keywords - Waste Water Treatment, Artificial Intelligence, Decision Support System, Classification Techniques, Supervised Learning.