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The Importance of Trust in the Relationship between Local Producers and Luxury Restaurants for the Emergence of Innovations

In recent years, the research for food from local producers has increased significantly, mainly by chefs from luxury restaurants that have easy access to these products. In general, these chefs look for more than a simple ingredient; they look for identity, for a possibility to create something new. For this creation to be possible, it is necessary to know how the food is processed, it is necessary to know the producer closely and exchange knowledge. The following article discusses the importance of the relationship between a local producer and a luxury restaurant for the emergence of innovation. Therefore we sought, through a case study with a local food producer, to understand how the relationship between them favors product innovation in the gastronomic sector, where it was possible to see that the theory of a good relationship applies in practice, resulting in innovation in the sector. Keywords - Luxury Restaurant Innovation, Upscale Restaurant and Local Producer, Trust.